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How do I order?
Via you can easily and quickly order condoms with your photo, text or design. Create your condom now and follow the steps:
Step 1. upload selfie
Create your unique photocondom, entirely to your liking. Upload a selfie, Facebook or Instagram photo using the design tool. You can add the large scales and text. Also read what you need to know about photocondoms.
Step 2. confirm design
Choose the number of condoms. If the design is to your liking, place your photo condom ‘in the shopping cart’. Tip: first save via save or download a preview of your design. You can order 15, 35, 70 or 100 photo condoms. If you want to order more, please contact us.
Step 3. order and pay
Choose ‘proceed to checkout’, fill in your details and your payment method and choose ‘place order’. You can pay directly online. You will automatically receive a confirmation email.
Step 4. Follow your order
If you want to track your order, activate your account after ordering by entering a password. You can check whether you want to receive our offers by email.
Step 5. Receive your condoms
We will sent your condoms within five working days after we have received your order and payment. Delivery time varies between 1 day or 3 weeks, depending on the country of delivery.
Will I receive a confirmation of my order?
One to ten minutes after your online order you will receive a confirmation email on your email address. If you do not receive this mail, check your junk email, spam or junk mail. If our confirmation email is not included, please contact us.What is the status of my order?
You can view the status of your order by logging in. Possible statuses:Waiting for payment: Your order has been received, after your payment has been received, it can be taken into production.
Pending: Your order and payment have been received and are in the production process.
On hold: Your order is on hold. Our production department tries to take these into production as quickly as possible. If we have questions or missing data, we will contact you.
Completed: Your order has been sent / on the way, see delivery.
Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled, will not be taken into production.
Failed: Your order or payment failed and will not be taken into production.


How much do photocondoms cost?
Price per photocondom is €1,95, if you order 100 photo condoms. Minimum order is 15 pieces, see price table:

Your unique photo condom Price per piece

(including VAT, shipping and start-up costs


(including VAT, shipping and start-up costs)

When ordering 100 condoms € 1.95 € 195.00
When ordering 70 condoms € 2.15 € 150.50
When ordering 35 condoms € 2.25 € 78.75
When ordering 15 condoms € 2.50 € 37.50

These prices are excluding transport costs. For orders in the Netherlands and Belgium, we take care of the shipping costs. All other countries we charge a transport fee. See table below for the transport costs per country:

Country Price Country Price
The Netherlands Free Lithuania € 21,00
Belgium Gratis Luxembourg € 7,50
Bosnia € 25,00 Malta € 35,00
Bulgaria € 23,00 Monaco € 25,00
Denmark € 15,00 Norway € 25,00
Germany € 7,50 Austria € 14,00
Estonia € 21,00 Poland € 19,00
Finland € 21,00 Portugal € 22,00
France € 15,00 Romania € 13,00
Great Brit. € 12,00 Slovenia € 16,00
Hungary € 14,00 Slovakia € 14,00
Greece € 25,00 Spain € 21,00
Ireland € 21,00 Czech Republic € 16,00
Italy € 16,00 Sweden € 21,00
Croatia € 25,00 Switzerland € 25,00
Latvia € 21,00 Iceland € 75,00
Liechtenstein € 25,00

All prices are include VAT. If you want to order more than 100 photo condoms, please contact us.

Can I pay online?
You can safely pay your order online at photocondom. Choose a direct online payment method for fast delivery, so iDEAL, Bancontact / Mr. Cash (Belgian customers), Credit card or Paypal.

Can I also pay by bank transfer?
You can also pay via ‘direct bank transfer’, however it takes 2 or 3 working days longer to send the order. Transfer the amount to NL84INGB0007699241 in the name of Condom Message stating the order number. As soon as we receive your payment, we will process your order. NOTE: Always contact us when you transfer money to our bank account.

Do I receive an invoice?
Yes, in your payment confirmation email. We also send your invoice with your order. If you have chosen the payment method ‘direct bank transfer’ an invoice will be sent with your confirmation email.


When will I receive my order?

We sent your order within five working days after we have received your order and payment. It depends on the country of delivery how long the transport time shall be. See the table below for the delivery times per country. We send anonymously and discreetly (our name is not mentioned on the packaging) with PostNL.

Country Delivery time
Germany 5-8 working days
Austria 6-12 working days
Switzerland 5-10 working days
France 5-10 working days
Italy 6-12 working days
Spain 5-11 working days
Portugal 6-12 working days
Denmark 4-7 working days
Sweden 5-8 working days
Norway 6-11 working days
Poland 7-13 working days
Latvia 7-12 working days

Indication of the delivery time in the Netherlands


Ordered on:   Delivered on: *
Monday Friday
Tuesday Monday
Wednesday Tuesday
Thursday Wednesday
Friday Thursday
Saturday Friday
Sunday Friday

* Indicative delivery times apply to orders placed on working days before 12am and paid for.

We assume that PostNL delivers within 1 to 2 working days. Delivery time in Belgium is on average 4 working days longer, depending on mail delivery. The delivery times are an indication. It can sometimes take a working day longer. Unfortunately we cannot do much about this, we depend on the mail delivery.

Can I follow my package?
Your order will be sent via regular post, so it is unfortunately not to follow. Your order will be delivered by the delivery man in the mailbox. You can track the status of your order .

Can my order be delivered to a different address?
You can have your order delivered to another address of your choice. You can do this in the second step of the shopping cart when ordering: choose ‘send to a different address’. It is not possible to choose another country of delivery.