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  1. Quality of the condom

Condoms must comply with the CE in Europe. You can recognize CE condoms by the CE logo with number on the condom foil. When condoms comply with the CE, this means that they have been extensively tested during and after production according to the ISO4074 standard. All CondomMessage condoms are tested 3x for your safety. For a comfortable feeling our condoms are easy to unwind and have a perfect fit.

  1. Quality of the image

The foil is printed in CMYK colors and may differ slightly from the original. In any case, there is often a difference between what you see on your screen and reality. The quality of your printing has a lot to do with the quality of the image that you send to us.

  1. Use of images / logos / texts

Make sure you are the copyright holder of the image / logo / text that you send and have permission to use. For example, you cannot use logos / images of existing brands for your image without explicit / written permission. Also unsolicited your classmates, exes and so on is not allowed!

  1. Exchange and return

Because it is a product made especially for you, you cannot exchange or return this product. Except in the case when we have demonstrably and obviously made a mess of it ourselves.

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Pay attention! As an ISO certified producer of condoms we have the possibility to print condom foils. Unfortunately, we see companies offering similar products without any certification or control. This is legally not permitted. Printing condoms is a delicate matter and we therefore advise everyone to check the supplier for the required certificates. The process of condom foil printing has to be done very carefully and that is why we are also strictly controlled.