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Which condoms do you use? prints on CE certified Beppy condoms with lubricant from CondomMessage. The condoms are packaged in silver-colored foil. The brand, CE logo, the batch and expiration date are on the backside of the condom.

Can I also have Durex condoms printed?

Durex condoms are packaged in printed foil. Printing on printed foil is unfortunately not possible. The condoms we use are from CondomMessage of the brand Beppy, which have a blank front to print on.

Is the quality of the condom comparable to that of Durex?

Hell yes. Condoms in Europe must comply with the CE. You can recognize CE condoms by the CE logo with number on the condom foil. When condoms comply with CE, this means that they have been extensively tested during and after production according to the ISO4074 standard. All CondomMessage condoms are tested 3x for your safety. For a comfortable feeling our condoms are easy to unwind and have a perfect fit.

How big are the condoms?

Standard size. The condoms have a nominal width of 56 mm and are equipped with a silicone-based lubricant and a reservoir.


What do I need to know about my image, logo or text?

Make sure you are the owner of the image / logo / text that you send us and have permission to use it. For example, you cannot use logos / images of existing brands for your image without explicit / written permission. Also unsolicited your classmates, exes and so on is not allowed!

Can you print all colors?

Yes. The foil is printed in CMYK and may differ slightly from the original. In any case, there is often a difference between what you see on your screen and in reality. The quality of your print has a lot to do with the quality of the image you upload.

How do I submit my photo?

With the design tool you can easily upload and edit a photo. You can place your text there. Choose ‘create your condom now’ and then ‘add image’. The design tool ensures that we receive the correct file format, when you place your order.

What format file do I need to submit?

With the design tool you can upload and scale a JPEG, PNG or PDF from your mobile, iPad, Mac or PC. The design tool gives an error message if your photo is too small and ensures that we get the correct file format. The size of the condom is 60 x 60 mm. The minimum file size to be delivered is 450 x 450 pixels.

Do I get a print proof?

We will not send you a print proof. In the shopping cart you see a preview of your Photocondom. You can save a preview of your order yourself in the design tool, via the download icon. You can do this during your order or afterwards, via the link in the confirmation e-mail.

What does the printed condom look like?

We print your photo or design on one side in full color. The back of the condom remains unprinted.
The foil is silver-colored including brand name, a batch number and expiration date.


How can I order Photocondoms?

Choose  ‘create your condom now’, upload your photo with the design tool, place it in the shopping cart and follow the order and checkout steps.

More information? Go to ordering.

How much do Photocondoms cost?

Price of Photocondoms starts from €1,95 per piece, if you order 100 pieces. Minimum order is 15 pieces, unless there is a campagne at that moment.

More information? Go to prices and pay.

When will I receive my order?

The order will be sent within a maximum of 5 working days, after we have received your photo, order and payment. This is excluding delivery time. The delivery time depends on the country we need to send it to.

More information? Go to delivery.

What should I know about cancelling and returning?

Because it is a product made especially for you, you cannot exchange or return this product. Except in the case when we have demonstrably and obviously made a mess of it ourselves.

More information? Go to cancel & return.